ZAYN: Music from the original TV Movie
ZAYN EP (Official)
Album by Various Artist
Released: November 22, 2014
Genre(s): Pop
Singles: War on the Dance Floor,Unhuman,Give Me Love
Various Artist chronology
ZAYN: Music from the original TV Movie is an EP soundtrack for the Wiki Channel Original Movie, "ZAYN", which stars Lisha Jane and Zander Sun. The soundtrack features songs from and inspired by the movie, including the hit single, "War on the Dance Floor" performed by Lisha Jane. The EP is released through Wiki Channel Music Group.

Track listingEdit

  1. "War on the Dance Floor" by Lisha Jane.
  2. "Last 1 Standing" by Lisha Jane and Zander Sun.
  3. "Fearless" by Lilly & Abby.

Bonus Tracks:


  • The album wasn't released until after the movie, but the single "War on the Dance Floor" was released a week before the movie aired.

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