The discography of Wiki Records in the year of 2015 is listed below.


Title Artist Release Album/EP
How Good Is Your Love DJ Chase January 2 TBA
Cool Kids Jazlyn Mitchell January 4 Having Fun
Wishing I Was 23 Blonde January 6 Blonde and White (deluxe)
Life of the Party Lucas Jenkins January 9 We Don't Have To Be Ordinary
Best Mistake Percilla Gold (ft. DJ Chase) January 15 TBA
She's Not Me, Pt. 1 & 2 Destiny Wilde January 16 TBA
Dragon (What You Wanted) Carly Shu January 20 With Love
Gold Chesney Ramirez January 20 Here's to Us
Mr. Almost Jasmine Byran January 28 Killin' That Bass
One & The Same Lilly & Abby February 3 Hearts & Harmonies
Show You Lucas Jenkins February 6 We Don't Have To Be Ordinary
I Promise You Sienna Forbes February 6 TBA
Paper Planes Crystal Diane February 14 Love You, From Me
Oh Cecelia (Breaking My Heart) 4 Way Street ft. Lucas Jenkins February 17 Bringing Glamour Back (EP)
Back In Time Matty Rivers February 20 N/A
Drive By Zander Sun & the Stars March 3 TBA
Word Up! Large Cluster March 6 Salute
We Found Love Rayelle March 10 TBA
Unstoppable Katy Young March 13 TBA
Hero Kellens March 17 N/A
The Weight Lucas Jenkins March 20 We Don't Have To Be Ordinary
Drop It Kyle Collins March 22 TBA
I Want You To Know Sienna Forbes March 23 TBA
Hero (Plugged) Kellens March 29 TBA
Little Me Large Cluster April 3 TBA
The Worst Rayelle April 11 TBA
All Hands On Deck Chantelle April 14 All Hands On Deck (EP)
We Got the Beat Katy Young April 17 TBA
Count On Me Marcus McCloud May 5 Little Wonders (EP)
Blonde Ashley Kettle May 6 TBA
It's a Girl Party Maxi Anne May 12 TBA
In This Crowd Kyle Collins May 14 TBA
Lovin' So Hard Rebecca Anderson May 19 TBA
Somebody to You 4 Way Street ft. Chesney Ramirez May 19 TBA
5 AM Chantelle May 22 All Hands On Deck (EP)
Lie a Little Better Josephine Anderson May 26 Sailing Home
The Heart Wants What It Wants Sienna Forbes June 2 TBA
Copycat Li'l Kylie June 5 TBA
If We Were A Movie Laura Minx June 5 TBA
For Good Olivia Staton June 7 TBA
Make a Scene Josephine Anderson June 16 Sailing Home
Broken Ones Iris Dunne June 19 TBA
We'll Be There Lora Megan June 20 TBA
Not My Type At All Matt Lanza June 22 TBA
Collar Full Cameron Higles June 30 TBA
Fight Song Katy Young June 30 TBA
Jealousy Josephine Anderson July 4 Sailing Home
One Girl Kyle Collins July 12 TBA
One Day Lora Megan July 14 TBA
Dreamer Li'l Kylie July 15 TBA
Pretty Hurts Iris Dunne July 17 TBA
Sweet Little Something Let's ROK ft.Chantelle July 17 TBA
Dark Side Katy Young July 24 TBA
Chasing Pavements Marley Michele July 25 TBA
Riptide Olivia Staton July 27 TBA
Believe Lucas Jenkins July 30 TBA

Chantelle ft. Kyle Collins

August 10 What Is Love
Defying Gravity Katy Young August 14 TBA
Bad Boys Chesney Ramirez August 18 TBA
Skinny Love Marley Michele August 18 TBA
Everything I Didn't Say Let's ROK August 21 TBA
Let's Go Raven & Sparrow August 25 TBA
I Don't Even Know Your Name Lucas Jenkins August 29 TBA
Smile Lora Megan September 4 TBA
Can't Stop Dancin' Rebecca Anderson September 7 TBA
Who's That Boy Carly Shu ft. Rebecca Anderson September 8 With Love
It's A Shame Li'l Kylie September 11 TBA
Let's Be Birds Matt Lanza September 13 TBA
Tears Fall Iris Dunne September 14 TBA
What I Did For Love Chantelle September 21 What Is Love
Nothing Ever Happens Katy Young September 25 TBA
Lost Lucas Jenkins September 30 TBA
The Kids Aren't Alright Marley Michele October 1 TBA
Colors of the Wind Lora Megan October 2 TBA
The Girl Lilly & Abby October 11 Our TIme
Nothin' On Me Kyle Collins October 15 TBA
Say Love Chantelle October 20 What Is Love
Photograph Gareth Dawson October 21
Shake Your Booty Let's ROK October 22 TBA
What I Like About You IIT October 22 TBA
Pretty Girls Carly Shu October 23 (single) TBA
Bad Blood Sapphire Bannister October 23 TBA
Oh Darling Cameron Higles October 29 TBA
Unconditionally Crystal Diane October ? TBA
Forgot to Laugh Ashley Kettle November 1 TBA
My Savior Kristin Madison November 6 TBA
53 Steps Katy Young November 13 TBA
The Hanging Tree (Jack Rabbit Remix) Carly Shu ft. Tyler Ward November 16 The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2
He Loves Me ILY November 20 TBA
Wildest Dreams Sapphire Bannister November 20 TBA
(Baby I'm) Counting On You 4 Way Street November 22 TBA
All American Girl Brienna Holt November 30 TBA
Stay with Me Blonde November 30 TBA
Whenever Let's ROK November 30 TBA
Zoomin' Zoomin' Rebecca Anderson December 6 TBA
It's Not Christmas Without You Chesney Ramirez ft. Alexander Franks December 10 N/A
Olivia Cameron Higles December 10 TBA
Can't Sleep Love Raven And Sparrow December 11 TBA
Blank Space Sapphire Bannister December 18 TBA
The Climb Lora Megan December 21 TBA
Brave Honest Beautiful Lilly & Abby TBA TBA
Human Jasmine Byran TBA TBA

Albums Edit

Title Artist Release Singles
Tragically Beautiful Spencer Raye Jackson January 3 Ain't It Fun,Young Blood
Blonde and White BLONDE February 24 Ain't No Way We're Going Home, Cali Girls (deluxe), Wishing I Was 23 (deluxe)
Letting Go Olivia Staton March 12 Loosing You, Messing With My Head
Love You, From Me Crystal Diane April 1 Me & YouPaper PlanesParty in the U.S.AHurricane/Party in the U.S.A
With Love Carly Shu May 26 Sweet, Dragon (What You Wanted)
We Don't Have To Be Ordinary Lucas Jenkins May 29 Life of the PartyThe WeightShow You
Killin' That Bass Jasmine Byran June 21 Mr. Almost
Heaven (Album) Lisha Jane November 7 Move with the Crowd, Unhuman, Talk To Me, Heaven
What Is Love Chantelle November 27 SomebodySay LoveWhat I Did For Love
Sailing Home Josephine Anderson December 25 Lie a Little Better, Make a Scene, Jealousy

Extended plays Edit

Extended plays
Title Artist Release Singles
Waterfalls ILY January 3 Go, Sharp as a Razor
Postcard (EP) Ashley Kettle February 20 Ready or Not, Hurricane
Dragon Remixes Carly Shu March 15 None
Bringing Glamour Back (EP) 4 Way Street March 19 Classic, Oh Cecelia (Breaking My Heart)
Salute Large Cluster May 1 Word Up!
Having Fun Jazlyn Mitchell June 16 Cool KidsSummer Forever
All Hands On Deck (EP) Chantelle July 5 All Hands On Deck, 5 AM
Blonde in White: LIVE (EP) Blonde September 16 None
Little Wonders Marcus McCloud November 26 My WeaknessCount On Me

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