The discography of Wiki Records in the year of 2014 is listed below.


Title Artist Release Album/EP
The Things We Do for Love Chesney Ramirez and Tristan Conti February 4 NOT Another Happily Ever After Soundtrack
Move with the Crowd Lisha Jane February 16 TBA
Had Me @ Hello Lilly & Abby February 14 Hearts & Harmonies
Girl Up Chesney Ramirez March 1 TBA
My Heart Will Go On Jessica Willows March 28 This Is Me
Fighter Jessica Willows March 31 This Is Me
Call It Whatever Lilly & Abby June 3 Hearts & Harmonies
Shake Chesney Ramirez June 14 Here's to Us
Dark Horse Laura Minx June 15 Hold On (EP)
Go ILY June 17 Waterfalls (EP)
Me and You DJ Chase (feat. Nicole Martin) June 22 TBA
Who Says Sienna Forbes June 24 When The Sun Goes Down
Oxygen Karli James June 27 TBA
Really Don't Care Jasmine Byran June 30 Really Don't Care (EP)
Love You Like a Love Song Carly Shu July 1 Here's CarlyShuForYou
Ain't It Fun Spencer Raye Jackson July 4 Tragically Beautiful
Nothing Without Love Zander Sun & the Stars

July 7

Love Will Remember Sienna Forbes July 22 When The Sun Goes Down
Ain't No Way We're Going Home Blonde July 22 Blonde and White
Me & You Crystal Diane July 25 TBA
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room Carly Shu July 30 Here's CarlyShuForYou
Messing With My Head Olivia Staton August 1 Letting Go
Caught Up In You Chesney Ramirez August 5 Here's to Us
Summer Forever Jazlyn Mitchell August 8 TBA
Good Time Crystal Diane & Tristan Conti August 8 Blonde and White (deluxe)
Hit The Lights Sienna Forbes August 12 When The Sun Goes Down
Unhuman Lisha Jane August 18 TBA
Lovin' What You Do Rebecca Anderson August 25 TBA
Hurricane Ashley Kettle August 30 Postcard (EP)
Party in the U.S.A. Crystal Diane August 31 TBA
Keep Your Head Up Marcus McCloud September 9 TBA
Magik 2.0 Rebecca Anderson & Jesse Raynes September 9 TBA
Give Me Love Zander Sun & the Stars September 13 TBA
Cali Girls Blonde September 18 Blonde and White (deluxe)
Lighters Rebecca Anderson September 22, TBA
Sing To A Sky Full Of Stars Laura Minx September 25, TBA
Young Blood Spencer Raye Jackson October 2 Tragically Beautiful
Replay Rayelle October 5 TBA
Loosing You Olivia Staton October 8 Letting Go
Talk To Me Lisha Jane November 1 TBA
Sharp as a Razor ILY November 8 Waterfalls
Meet Me Halfway DJ Chase ft. Jasmine Byran November 10 TBA
Sweet Carly Shu November 11 TBA
Stay The Night Bethany Valentine November 15 Two Sides (EP)
My Weakness Marcus McCloud November 18 TBA
Hurricane/Party in the U.S.A Ashley Kettle and Crystal Diane November 25 TBA
Classic 4 Way Street November 27 Bringing Glamour Back (EP)
Lie a Little Better Josephine Anderson TBA TBA
Barricade Laura Minx December 12 TBA
Winter Wonderland Sienna Forbes December 16 TBA
Heaven Lisha Jane December 26 TBA
CLAP Matty Rivers December 30 TBA

Albums Edit

Title Artist Release Singles
Hearts & Harmonies Lilly & Abby August 22 Had Me @ Hello, Call It Whatever
This Is Me Jessica Willows August 29

My Heart Will Go On, Fighter

Here's to Us Chesney Ramirez September 23 Shake, Caught Up In You
When The Sun Goes Down Sienna Forbes November 3 Who Says, Love Will Remember, Hit The Lights

Extended plays Edit

Extended plays
Title Artist Release Singles
Blonde BLONDE April 29 None
Hold On Laura Minx June 29 Dark Horse
Really Don't Care (EP) Jasmine Byran July 29 Really Don't Care
Here's CarlyShuForYou Carly Shu August 22 Love You Like a Love Song, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Two Sides (EP) Bethany Valentine November 15 Stay The Night

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