Kitty Couture (edit)
Publicity Points
"All About Tonight" - Hour long episode 10
BEE My Valentine Week - WC special 5
BEE My Valentine Highlights! - Weebley Small Feature 10
"What's Up With...Lisha Jane" - What's Up With...? episode 10
"Mystery In Manhattan" - Season one finale 10
"All About Tonight," "Me, Myself & I" and "Good to Be Home" on Wiki Channel: Ready 2 Rock - Song releases 5
Do You Believe In Rumors? - Actor publicity 5
Shipping, Rumors, and Music - Actor publicity 5
Summer So Hot Weekend - WC special 5
Season 2 pick up 15
"Fashion Fearless" - Season two premiere episode 10
These Acting Cuties! - Actor publicity 5
Lisha Jane gets "Clevver" and Not So Good Girls? - Actor publicity 5
Stand Up Press Release - Press Release 15

Stand Up Week - WC Special

KC Love Triangle, All About You(and Luke), Me'Andre, and More! - Weebley Headline Feature 15
High School Story of Love, Creative Costumes, and More!

- Actor publicity

Decking the Holidays with Weebley! - Weebley Small Feature 10
Decking the Holidays with Weebley! - Actor publicity 5
Wiki Channel Stars - Where Are They Now?, Recent Releases, and More! - Actor publicity 5
James in New York?, Tristan's leaving LWT, and Lisha Jane's album prep! - Weebley Small Feature 10
James in New York?, Tristan's leaving LWT, and Lisha Jane's album prep! - Actor publicity 5
Black History Month 2015 - WC special 5
Valentine's Day, Jolivia and Avia, Abby Williams' New Boyfriend?, And More! - Weebley Small Feature 10
KC gets CeeLo, Kelly Opens Up and L&L Soundtrack?!

- Weebley Headline Feature

Episode "CEElebrity Design" - Special Event (Hour Long, Guest Star CeeLo Green) 10
Crazy by Lisha Jane - Song Released from show. 5
Carly Shu Talks With Love, See What Stars Could Handle Ackerman, and Learn What We Just Found Out! - Actor publicity 5
Total: 225

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