High School Story (edit)
Publicity Points
BEE My Valentine Week - WC special 5
"Heart Stealer Story" sneak peek - Special episode 10
BEE My Valentine Highlights! - Weebley Headline Feature 15
"First Day Story" - Series premiere 10
High School Story first poster.png - First promotional poster 5
High School Story second poster.png - Second promotional poster 5
High School Story main page.png - Promotional banner 5
Party Go On Single Release 10
Party Go On Audio Video - Video 10
"What's Up With...High School Story" - What's Up With...? episode 10
Summer So Hot Weekend - WC special 5
Stand Up Press Release - Press Release 15
Stand Up Week - WC Special 5
High School Story of Love, Creative Costumes, and More! - Weebley Headline Feature 15
Decking the Holidays with Weebley! - Weebley Small Feature 10
Season 2 pick up 15
"Heartbeat" - Song release 5
'High School Story' Season Finale Guest Stars Singer, Jazlyn Mitchell - The Pilot post 15
"PopStar Rescue Story" - Season finale, special episode 10
"Kiss it Goodbye" - Song release 5
"High School Fools" - Season 2 premiere 10
"High School Web Models" (Part 1 and 2) - Special episodes 10
"High School Students By the Sea Shore" 3.8 rating 10
Total: 215

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