Gary and Gerry (edit)
Publicity Points
"Fry-Day Night Live" and "Gerry Chats" - Season 2 premiere episodes 10
"Through the Cloning Glass (Part 1 and 2)" - Special episode 10
"Tru Blu" on Wiki Channel: Ready 2 Rock - Song release 5
Summer So Hot Weekend - WC special 5
"Finale Like No Other" - Special episode 10
Gary_and_Gerry_poster.png - Promotional poster 5
Season 3 pick up 15
"How to Put out a Fire" - Season 3 premiere episode 10
Gary and Gerry: Bad to the Clone - Merchandise 5
Shelly Hair Surprises, Mi'Andre Exclusives, Gold vs. Lloyd, and more in a SUPER BOWL sized Weebley! - Weebley Small Feature 10
"Lightsaber Tag: Episode 1" - Special episode 10
Emma & Johnny Rocket Into the 21st Century, Guess Star Weekend, And More! - Small Weebley Feature 10
Total: 105

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