Dramatically Average (edit)
Publicity Points
Wiki Channel Picks Up Comedy Pilot (The Pilot} 15
Dramatically Average Pickup PR 15
Albums, Pilots, & Tremine Feels- Small Weebley Feature 10
Popular Song Music Video (to be added) 10
Wiki Channel Forms New Boy Band, 4 Way Street - Actor Publicity 5
East Meets West Meets Weebley, New Mystery Show, and More!- Actor Publicity 5
File:Brian DA Promo.jpg 10
Popular Song/ Official Theme Song Release 5
File:DA Main Cast.jpg 5
File:DA promo- Jess.jpg 5
"Starting Average" Pilot 10
High School Story of Love, Creative Costumes, and More! - Small Weebley Feature 10
Chatter Mention- Shelly Yanes (x) 1
Decking the Holidays with Weebley! - Actor publicity 5
Percilla Gold SLAMS Marley Michele, Life with Twins OVER?!, and Ladies in red! - Actor publicity 5
Black History Month 2015 episode (Cultural Average)  5
Nicole Martin in Algebra Sucks 5
Guess Star Weekend episode (Camping Average) 5
Started a Wiki for the Show  10
Season 2 Pickup 15
What's Up With... Dramatically Average? 10
"FlashBack Average" special episode 10
"FlashBack Average" - 4 star rating 10
"Staying Average?" 4.13 star rating 10
The Pilot: Dramatically Average Grabs Triple Threat Carly Shu for 2 Part Special Event 15
Guest star Carly Shu in "Mentoring Average" 10
Total: 220

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