East Meets West (edit)
Publicity Points
Alexander Franks (Kitty Couture) 20
Rayelle  (Ackerman Agent) 20
Kelly Lloyd (Luke & Lauren) 20
Shelly Yanes (Luke & Lauren) 20
Lilly Marsh (James in Hollywood) 20

Chesney Ramirez signed to Wiki Records

Rayelle signed to Wiki Records 5
Lilly Marsh signed to Wiki Records 5
Promo pic - File:East Meets West cast picture.png 5
Promo video - File:East Meets West - Teaser Trailer - Wiki Channel Official 5
Promo pic - File:East Meets West Banner.png 5
Promo pic - File:East Meets West Rachel and Ricky 3.png 5
Big Weebley Feature - East Meets West Meets Weebley, New Mystery Show, and More! 15
Single - Pom Poms 5
Promo video - File:Pom Poms - Lyric Video - East Meets West - Wiki Channel Official 5
First of Genre - Musical 20
"Special" genre - Musical 10
Total: 190

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