Wiki Channel Classics Collection

Release Date

January 20th, 2015

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Number of Episodes


The Wiki Channel Classics Collection is a DVD released on January 20th, 2015. It contains episodes from six of the earliest Wiki Channel shows, as well as a never-before seen sneak preview of the upcoming Wiki Channel Original Series, Break Free.


Relive the beginnings of your favorite Wiki Channel shows, including James in Hollywood, Kitty Couture, and The Aca-Girls, plus a sneak preview of the brand new Wiki Channel Original Series, Break Free!


There are 19 episodes included- three from each of the six shows included, as well as the Break Free pilot. The episodes are split between two discs.

Disc 1Edit

  • Kitty Couture - Pilot Couture
  • Kitty Couture - Driving Kitty Crazy
  • Kitty Couture - Cat Chatter
  • James in Hollywood - Hollywood to Hollywood, Part 1
  • James in Hollywood - Hollywood to Hollywood, Part 2
  • James in Hollywood - Ready Steady Freddy
  • Life With Twins - Twin Trouble
  • Life With Twins - Time Capsule
  • Life With Twins - Nick and Alex Break A Leg
  • Break Free - Pilot

Disc 2Edit

  • The Aca-Girls - Aca-Pilot
  • The Aca-Girls - Aca-Fella
  • The Aca-Girls - Band Battle
  • Luke & Lauren - Lies & Life Lessons
  • Luke & Lauren - Diaries & Dire Needs
  • Luke & Lauren - Rileys & Roles
  • Juliana - Adventures in Cat Chasing
  • Juliana - Downtown Drama
  • Juliana - Trouble With Jealousy

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