We'll Be There
Wellbethere The official cover for the single.
Song by Lora Megan
Album: TBA
Released: June 20th, 2015
Show/Movie: N/A
Genre(s): Pop
Lora Megan chronology
Previous: N/A
Next: One Day
We'll Be There is the debut single by Wiki Records recording artist Lora Megan.


We'll be there
at the first breath of spring
When the birds start to sing
and the grass starts growing

We'll be there
in the still summer heat
With the meadow's gleaming gold

We'll be there
on the crisp autumn days
With the leaves all ablaze
in the cool breeze blowing

We'll be there for it all every year
As we've been since days of old

For what if the world is wider
than we ever knew?
And through all the seasons
didn't we dream of something more?

What if we brave the great unknown?
What if we're not so all alone?
What if it's you I'm searching for?

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