Victoria Jade
Quvenzhané Wallis
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Victoria Alisa Jade
August 28, 2003
Houma, Louisiana, USA
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    Victoria Alisa Jade, publicly known as Victoria Jade, is a 12 year old american actress from Lousianna. 

Early LifeEdit

Victoria was born on August 28th, 2003 to Lily Palmer Jade and Ruben Jade. Her parents were famous for stage shows in there town and around there state, but not really anywhere else. When Victoria was around two, she started singing her favorite songs non stop to the point where the remembered them clearly. Her parents soon realized there daughters talents and decide to put her in a local play. Even with a minor role, Victoria loved it. As she got older, she joined drama clubs and loved watching Broadway plays.

Career Edit

2015: talent search Edit

Back in 2015, there was a talent search near her home town. Once her parents found out, they entered her in. Victoria was noticed by Shelly H., a new and young agent with an upbeat attitude who saw potential in Victoria.

Like Victoria, Shelly was a new agent with not that much experience. Her last and only client was a YouTube star who was on a Nickelodeon tv show that made everyone scream there heads off. Shelly was determined that Victoria wasn't going to be a failure, and luckily Shelly had become a Wiki Channel Agent, and Victoria was extremely excited since she loved Wiki Channel.

2016: casted Edit

Recently, Victoria was been casted as Tyla in a show called The Pilot Crew, which will be produced by Wiki Channel. Victoria is excited for the role and excited to meet the rest of the cast on the show.

Personal life Edit


Filmography Edit

Shows Edit

Show Role Notes Year
The Pilots Crew Tyla Danvers Main Role 2016

Trivia Edit

  • Victoria's favorite Wiki Channel show is Kitty Couture.
  • She first "meet" her future co-star, Antia Maggy, over the internet when Antia sent a friend request. Thew two had become internet friends and ironically ended being casted in the same show.
  • Claims to see her manger, Shelly, as an older sister or simply just a friend.
    • According to Shelly, Victoria calls Shelly by her internet name "Grimms"

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