Pitches to be DiscussedEdit

Show PitchesEdit

Movie PitchesEdit

Programming PitchesEdit

Prom-Ma-Mia That's One Big Week (weekend event pitch)

Status: Approval stage

Winter Wonderland Holiday Bash  (month event pitch)

Status: Approval stage

Wiki Channel: Christmas by the Fire (hour event pitch)

Status: Planning stage

Music PitchesEdit

Stand Up EP needs to be decided upon

Status: Planning stage;close to approval stage


To Do List (general)Edit

G.I. Jennings  has been picked up. Everything should be sorted out. The page should also be updated. Dramatically Average has been picked for a series. Leslie Wireless (pilot) has been picked up for a pilot.  Becoming a Sendy (Pilot) has been picked up for a pilot.
The Family Plan has been picked up for a pilot.

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