Season 2
Walker Adams as Andrew Acosta - Andrew is still the same fun loving guy, but starts to explore more into himself and who he is this season. He starts to develop other interests besides cooking, however, these interests leave him questioning who he is and if his life is mean for just sitting in a food truck and traveling a country he's already seen. Andrew starts to branch away from his family because of this, which causes suspicions to arise on what he is actually doing. He also starts becoming more social, using the fact that he travels around the world all his life as a reason to make friends, and maybe meet the one.
Lilly Marsh as Liana Acosta - At the end of season 1, you see Liana move in with her mom, leaving the food truck and that part of hr family life behind. However, as the season progresses, she learns that the life she lived before maybe was the life cut out for her, but she doesnt wanna except that. Liana works on her smarts and schoolwork a bit, trying to use her last year in high school as a one to progress on her schoolwork and maybe a future of her own. She also ditches the glasses for contacts, because in her mothers words "A girl must look like she has everything put together, even in her lowest point." Liana does not know of Harrison, but does not care, for shes trying to move on from her past life.
Bryce Davis as Marcus Acosta- With his dad in a ball of stress, his brother suddenly uninterested, and his sister leaving, Marcus knows its up to him to keep the family business going and to make sure everyone is okay. He starts pushing his own interests and feelings to the side to accommodate everyone else, however, he constantly feels like he can never do enough. He still tries to everyone happy, despite the fact that hes grown up fast. However, he becomes a hit in the business, and people seem to love both his cooking and his go lucky attitude. However, Marcus knows things cant go on the way they are, and does everything he can to fix it.
Christian Abrams as Harrison Williams - Harrison is now on his own and knows that he just cant crawl back to his home anymore. With that in mind, he knows he has to fend for himself, but it isnt easy. Many places do not accommodate for an 18 year old with a high school level education. However, he manages to find a job at a restaurant and a cheap motel to serve at his home, so in his eyes hes doing better than he thought he would. However, when the Acosta family finds him working and begs him to try to make amends with his family, he realizes that his life will soon come to a big drop if he continues it the way its going.
Piper Denise as Victoria Williams - Victoria is still snarky and sassy, but now a bit more shy and reserved. Like Marcus, she is overworked, because her father doesn't want to do it and she doesn't have her brother there to help. She tends to get herself into a lot of trouble this season, and tries to make a message to her father with her acts of rebellion. However, with this rebellion comes growth. She still loves the food truck and everything about it, but she, like Andrew, also wants to discover what there is outside of the culinary world.

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