Tessa Octave
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Tessa Kayla Octave
September 22, 1999
Chicago, Illinois
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Leslie Walker

   Tessa Octave is an American actress.


Early LifeEdit

Tessa Kayla Octave was born on September 22, 1999, in Chicago, Illinois to Marilyn Jeseyer-Octave and Paul Octave. Tessa was a go-getter, and whatever she wanted, she got. When she was in third grade, she wanted the role as Miss Mary Mac in the play version of the hand game, so she got it. It was then and there she realized she had a passion. In late 12007, she told her dad for Christmas she wanted to be an actress, so that's what she got. She, her mother, and her father flew down to la and moved there.


Tessa's first role, though uncredited, was as a little girl at a baseball game in the movie Home Runners. A few months after that, she landed a role in the PBS Original Movie, Danny and Dana. She portrayed Dana, a sweet girl who would go out of her way to help others. She had to teach Danny that helping others is better than messing with others. After that, she had a guest appearance in the 2010 show Friends where she played an annoying new neighbor. Later that year, she had a role as Lilly in an Episode of R.L. Stine's the Haunting Hour. In 2011, Tessa landed the role as Jessica in Red Hawt Girl Scouts. The series barely lasted two seasons.

In 2015 Octave is set to guest star in the Wiki Channel original series, "Super Cool Cori" as popular, girly-bad girl, Miranda.

In early 2014 she booked the role of Leslie Walker in the Wiki Channel original series, "Leslie Wireless" set to premiere in 2015 on the Wiki Channel, following her appearance on Super Cool Cori.

Personal LifeEdit

Tessa lives in Los Angeles with her Dad, her mom, and her dog George. In her free time, she loves to take care of animals and play sports with the kids in her neighborhood. She loves to live her life as a normal kid.



Year Title Role Notes
2008 Home Runners Little Girl Uncredited
2008 Danny and Dana Dana PBS Original Movie


Year Title Role Notes
2010 Friends Daughter Episode: "Hello... Goodbye."
2011 R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour Lilly Episode: "Little Lilly"
2013 Red Hawt Girl Scouts Jessica Main Role
2015 Super Cool Cori Miranda Guest Star
2015 Leslie Wireless Leslie Walker Titular Character; Main Role

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