This page is to list all the recurring cast members from the hit Wiki Channel Original Series, "Storm Girl".

Recurring CastEdit

Jake Daugherty as Nolan Peters, a cute, quirky, nerdy boy who is best friends with Blaine. He appears in the pilot as well. He is very good looking, very nice and can be a bit light headed at times. He's been Blaine's friend for a long time.

Kendall Kyles as Felicia, is kind of the school's mean girl. She is very kind and nice to teachers because they love her, but can be a little rude to the students from time to time. Her and Jacq have a "frenemy" relationship. She is very sassy and witted.

Matty Rivers as Terry Fink, he is the next door neighbor to the Carson's and becomes friends with Cara. Terry is a very goofy and enjoys spending time with Cara even when she has crazy ideas and antics. He would have to be around her age. (So like 9-11?)

Lucy Summer as Blossom Belladonna/Thorn, Blossom Belladonna is a new student at the school who is also revealed to be the plant based villain "Thorn" form the game. She puts on a nice act, but attends the school to destroy Jacq who she doesn't know is Storm Girl, but Jacq is fully aware of who she is. As Blossom she is very nice and kind hearted, but as Thorn she is a lot more sassy and rude. Her and Blaine have a nice connection. She loves flowers and plants and joins the school's gardening club.

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