So Relatable
Official Logo
Genre: Comedy
Created by: DancingAlone
Starring: Sarahi Franklin
Theme Music Composer None
Opening Theme: None
Country of origin: U.S
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: One
No. of episodes: 10
Executive producer(s): DancingAlone
Camera setup: Videotape (filmized)

Single Camera

Running time: 5 minutes
Production company(s): The Wiki Channel
Production Location(s): Los Angeles, California
Show Location(s): Los Angeles, California
Original channel: The Wiki Channel

So Relatable (stylized "So Relatable.') is a commercial segment coming to Wiki Channel. Sarahi Franklin is set to star as the "Relatable Girl", also known as "Gabi Flynn". The narrator, however, is not known. The series is based off a Tumblr blog named "So Relatable", and each episode will be a different one of those posts.


"So Relatable" is a brand new Wiki Channel commercial segment based of the "So Relatable" posts on Tumblr. The segment follows the life of Gabi Flynn, where she gets in situations almost everyone gets into once or twice in their life. Usually, the segment starts off with the narrator reading the post from her laptop and the screen switches to Gabi. Gabi usually starts of cheerful, and when something bad happens to her, she breaks down in a tantrum.


The cast was revealed to be Sarahi Franklin as Gabi Flynn. The narrator has never been revealed, and in the show, the narrator is never shown. We only hear her voice. The rest of the cast are just extras and/or cameos.

Main Cast


Sarahi Franklin as Gabi Flynn - Gabi Flynn is a 17 year old. But, everything happens to her. But, when something happens to her, she is not afraid to speak up and say something. She is the main character of the segment, and seems to always be cheerful until something happens to her.

Episode GuideEdit

Season Edit

No. Ep. Title Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "So Relatable #1" DancingAlone ??? 101 ???
"When parents think they're funny." 

Note: This is based off So Relatable #646.

2 2 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 102
3 3 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 103
4 4 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 104
5 5 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 105
6 6 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 106
7 7 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 107
8 8 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 108
9 9 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 109
10 10 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 110
11 11 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 111
12 12 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 112
13 13 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 113
14 14 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 114
15 15 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 115
16 16 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 116
17 17 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 117
18 18 "TBA" DancingAlone  ??? 118
19 19 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 119
20 20 "TBA" DancingAlone ??? 120

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