This is an adopted actor.

Sapphire Bannister
Biographical information
Full Name
Sapphire G. Bannister
April 2, 1994
Professional Information
Actress, singer
Years Active
2009 - present
Fan Group Name
Wiki Channel Credentials
Kitty Couture
Morgan Mitchell

    Sapphire is a brand new actress to The Wiki Channel, she has participated in various sports but then realised music and acting was where she belonged. She is signed to Wiki Records as of October 4, 2015.

Early LifeEdit

Sapphire was born on April 2, 1995. Her parents were Alice Willows and Jake Bannister. Her parents and her were very close, but when she was 10,

Sapphire's "22" photoshoot.

her parents had some arguments and when she was 12 they sadly divorced. Sapphire stayed with her mother in Britain but had to move to a new school. She was bullied until she was 13 and then actually had a pretty good life in school. She lived in Britain her whole life, until she finished college. She began traveling and exploring the world. She later moved to the United States, and decided to embrace her acting dreams. She also realized she had a passion for singing, so a singer is what she became. She topped the charts with her first single, Bad Blood, which inspired her to make more songs. Sapphire once stated she gets most of her song lyrics from her diary.

Career Edit

Sapphire has been on lots of minor roles in movies and has appeared in television shows. Sapphire then realized she had a talent for singing, and wrote a song. She later got signed to Wiki Records, and released the song she had written, Bad Blood, on October 23, 2015.

Personal LifeEdit

Sapphire loved to play sports. She was the captain of her high school's basketball and netball teams. She also said she spends her free time singing, or writing songs.

Filmography Edit

Show/Movie Role Notes
Kitty Couture Morgan Mitchell Guest role

Discography Edit

Title Release Notes
Bad Blood October 23rd, 2015 Single
Wildest Dreams November 20th, 2015 Single
Blank Space December 18th, 2015 Single
Style April 16, 2016 Album


  • Her mother named her Sapphire because of her blue eyes.
  • Sapphire's favorite food is pizza.
  • Sapphire's favorite sport is football.
  • She has been through a lot of managers.
  • On January 29, 2015, she registered for a Chatter account.

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