Raven And Sparrow


Raven Albright
Sparrow Albright

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Wiki Records

Raven And Sparrow is an American music duo. The band consists of Raven and Sparrow Albright. Each of them play a equal role in the duo. They are currently signed to Wiki Records.


  • Raven Albright plays the keyboard and does vocals. He focuses on the performance elements.
  • Sparrow Albright plays drums and occasionaly does vocals. She focus on the songwriting elements.


Raven and Sparrow are siblings. The rare kind that don't fight. At all. They were inseperable until they joined different after school programs in high school. But they were brought back together and thus, the group "Raven And Sparrow" was born.

In early 2015, the duo signed to Wiki Records and in August, their debut single Let's Go was released.


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