Our Time is the 2nd studio album by wiki records recording duo, Lilly & Abby. The album is set in a more mature tone, while keeping the pop sound that Williams and Marsh have been striving for. The album released January 25, 2016, and is now available for CD release and download.


Williams and Marsh met up to talk about another album with some Wiki Records officials in February 2015. It was discussed that the sound that the duo would produce would change, and Marsh had said that she wanted the album to be "empowering, but fun." The official stamp on recording was set in March.

The two girls drew their music inspiration both through learning and observing. Williams and Marsh wanted to be as close to their music as mentally and emotionally possible, so they decided to be main writers on most of their songs, with help from professionals along the way. The album follows 2 storylines meshed into one, the coming together of two people who different backgrounds and expirences to come together to help fill the hole in their lives.

The albums older theme was the broken heart, and how it could eventually be mended, but the idea was shot down by Williams and Marsh, explaining that they did not want their first initial album reaction to be just about love and heartbreak. The time theme was decided in July that year, stating that they wanted to follow a "there's so little time to do nothing" kind of vibe.

The 13 songs were put together in August, mostly deriving from the past between that two girls. They then decided on the personal themes for their separate editions, writing each song purely from the heart about each driven emotion. Williams represented day, as unpredictable, wild, and something that will burn out eventually while Marah represented night, a beautiful mystery that will always be there. The initial production finished in late September.


"We are the new generation of people to stand up, to rise, to fight against the ways of the people who's rules confine us to spend our time alone."

Our Time's song list and message is supposed to show a voice of change, and how two girls who like everyone else, has suffered through pain, can clearly stand up, and use what time they have to make a change.





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