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One of the Boys is an upcoming Wiki Channel Original Movie. The movie was picked-up by the network on February 2, 2015. The movie stars Wiki Channel newcomer, Serena Avalon as Katy Homes.


The film follows sporty tomboy Katy Homes from Philadelphia. Katy is raised by her single dad and lives with her younger brother Kevin and dog. Katy plays baseball for the local community league and is the only girl on the team and has a majority of guy friends. Her closets friends on the team are Andre, Taj, and Maxwell. Katy is as Tomboy as they come, which she doesn't mind, but things change when she starts to develop a crush on football star Griffin Lambert. With homecoming quickly approaching she wants to get asked out by him, but with her and the guys being all so close with him not only from him playing baseball with them sometimes, but also from her being considered one of the guys. She is tired of only being known as "one of the boys." Katy enlist help from popular Melissa to help make her over all while going undercover as a boy to find out from her guy friends and Griffin to see what guys really like and is shocked to realize that maybe her meant to be, was right beside her all along.


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