Season 1

Spencer Raye Jackson as Miranda Johnson - Miranda is the rebelling 13 year old protagonist of the show. Miranda is goofy, witty, fun, clever, and always feels the need to stand up for others, but this comes as trouble for her since she is a little bit of a loner. The only people she really talks to are her fashionable best friend Hazel, and her childhood buddy Joey. When Harvey Steeler moves away, a section in the school newspaper opens up. She then decides to submit an online application. She gets the sot on the school's newspaper and website under the name Miss Good Girl, where she then begins to answer a couple of questions a day submitted by people from school under the secret names they submit them as. The only people that know her secret are Hazel, Miranda's mom, and towards the end of the season, Joey. Popular mean girl Callie and Miranda have never gotten along, she always picks on her, and the two usually go back and forth. But when Callie realizes how popular Miss Good Girl, becomes she makes it her goal to find out who she really is and turn the school against her.

Miranda Johnson Collage

Miranda in season 1.


Dymond King as Hazel Castro - Hazel is Miranda's totally outgoing and stylish best friend. She always knows the latest fashion trends and is a bit boy crazy, but is still always there for Miranda. Hazel is a co-captain of the cheerleaders with Callie and is also friends with her, which becomes a bit of a problem for Miranda at times. Hazel does good in school and is usually a straight "A" and "B" student. Hazel tells Miranda she should try out for the column because she is great at giving advice.

Peyton Castro Collage

Allie in season 1.


Tyler Weston as Joseph "Joey" Roberts - Joey is the lovable, goofy, funny, and sarcastic guy of the group. He always tries to help people even if they're mean to him. Joey has a crush on almost every girl at school and always tries to do stuff to help them, even though they never pay him much attention. He often hits on Callie (when Joey is not around) even though she thinks he's disgusting, he thinks she's just playing hard to get and even tells himself that she'll leave Chad for him. He has been friends with Miranda and Hazel for a long time, and even though him and Hazel don't see eye to eye, the two of them get along. Miranda and Hazel often slap him in the arm when he says something stupid or unrelenting to what they are discussing. At the end of the day Joey is a good guy, though he can be a bit clueless at times.

Joey Roberts Collage

Joey in season 1.


Terri-Ava Jetso as Miya Johsnon - Voted most likely to become famous, Miya Johson is the 15 year old Sophomore at the middle/high school the gang attends. Being two years old then her little sister Miranda, she often knows a little it more about what's going on. The two argue a lot, but generally have each other's backs. Miya is popular of the high school kids. And sometimes looks out for Miranda, even though they both try to not speak to each other in school. She is outgoing, funny, and can be a little self-absorbed at times, but at the end of the day she's a good person at heart. At the end of episode one it is revealed that she finds out about "Miss Good Girl" and promises to keep it a secret, even though she tries to use "MISS GOOD Girl" for her own personal use sometimes.

Miya Johnson Collage

Miya in season 1.


Oliver West as Chad Harley - Chad Harley is one of the most popular guys in the whole 8th grade. Being on the motocross team and being excellent at karate, help him hold that title pretty well. Chad is currently dating Callie, and is best friends with Deon (has been since 4th grade). Chad is funny, serious, and a little bit arrogant at times. He actually doesn't like to get very violet, despite his tough guy reputation and is very sweet. He could have a lot of his mind, but he never lets it show or expresses his feelings. Miranda has a big crush on him, though he never really notices her, and often refers to her as "Hazel's Friend". He often laughs when Joey tries to hit on Callie, calling him a "loser", because she'll never dump him.

Chad Harly Collage

Chad in season 1.


Jessica Willows as Callie Rose - Callie is one of the most popular girls in the entire 8th grade, having her own clique and being on the cheer leading squad. Not to mention she is dating one of the hottest guys in their grade as well. Her and Hazel get along well, though she can't stand Miranda, but she does look up to Miya in away for being so popular in her grade. Callie gets upset when she discovers how popular Miss Good Girl is becoming and wants to put an end to it. She often rejects Joey, even when he is nice to her.

Callie Rose Collage

Callie in season 1.


De'Andre Chase III as Deon Jackson - Deon is the cool guy of the grade, making his own music, beats and raps, and begin an amazing skateboarder. He is also best friends with Chad, together the two of them are the two most popular guys in the 8th grade. He is good at basket ball, but refuses to join the team. He asks Miss Good Girl for advice in one episode. He becomes friends with Miranda after she supports him with advice on his parents being divorced. Typically him and Callie get along. He sits at the popular table at lunch with her and Chad. He loves music, and is kind of deep at times. It is revealed that can sew, which is something he keeps to himself.

Deon Jackson Collage

Deon in season 1.

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