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Melody Charme
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Full Name
Melody Kasira Charme
October 24,1995
Carson City, Nevada
Professional Information
Melanie Charm
Melrose Charme
Years Active
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The Wiki Channel
Harmony Charme
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    Melody Kasira Charme (born October 24, 1995) is the twin sister of Harmony Charme. She is best known for her role as Sabrina, the twin sister of Serena in Serena & Sabrina. Her sister, Harmony played the role of Serena. Melody is also known for her role as Sarah Steinerg in the supernatural series, Mystic from 2010 to 2014.


Early LifeEdit


Melody as a child

Melody was born the youngest of the twins. She has an older sister Harmony Charme who is her twin. She unlike her twin tends to have curly hair, her usually brown but sometimes black. The twins were born to Adele and Elphiram Charme in Carson City, Nevada on October 24.1995. Melody described herself as a quiet child in her childhood and described Harmony as the noiser one.


Melody and Harmony are twin identical sisters born on October 24th, 1995 in Carson City, Nevada. They both started acting at a young age due to their parent's financial problems. They first starred in kid clothing commercials and then made guest appearances on Kid Tv shows like, The Fun-Fun Zone, The Wild Cats. They are best known for their television series, Serena & Sabrina starring Melody as Sabrina Logan and Harmony as Serena Logan. Serena and Sabrina was very popular among children ages 8 to 12. Finally it came to an end in 2008 which had put them out of work but just for a couple months.In 2010 she got the role as Sarah Steinberg in Mystic, a vampire lost in the human world who is in danger. In Episode,D is for Doppelgängers, Melody's Twin Harmony guest stars as the evil doppelgänger of Sarah. And in "Evil Sarah is back?" She returns once again as evil Sarah.Melody also guest starred in Saffron her sister's tv show. Melody played Meadow Willer, the celeb look a like of her sister's Character, Dracy Crabgrass. In early 2011 to mid 2012 she was cast into the series How to Rule as Nia Thompson a minion of The Queen Bee, Laurie Tyden. In the series after Laurie loses her cool, Nia & Raylee ditch her and still remain popular while Laurie continues to hang out with the geeks and is deemed no more popular.

Personal LifeEdit

Melody is friends with actor, Fansis Lanson and likes to spend her time doing charity for the people who have less than her.Melody often says "It's better to give then to get". She says she gets along very well with her sister and the two share an apartment.She is currently attending a private university and is a sophomore. Both Melody and Harmony have thought about becoming singers and have great voices but they are not sure if they should become an artist.


Year TV Show/Movie Role
1996 Little Rockabye Baby Clementine
1996-2001 Meet the Middletons Mireya Middleton
2001 Get Up & Go Sophie
2001  Fatally Callista
2002 Blackmailed Gabby Winson
2003 Pocket Full of Posies Posy Damines
2003-2008 Serena & Sabrina Sabrina Logan/(sometimes)Serena Logan
2004 Bimbi Bimbi
2010 People These Days Amaris Caverly
2010-2014 Mystic Sarah Steinberg
2011 Nothing But Hatred Samantha Foster
2011-2013 How to Rule Nia Thompson
2012 Saffron Meadow Wills
2014 Dramatically Average Sarah


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