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Mark Christian
Biographical information
Full Name
Mark Christian
Big MC
January 23rd, 1997
Los Angeles, California
Professional Information
Wiki Channel Credentials
Adrian Montgomery
Mark Anderson
Dawson Kholer
Shane Flores
Ethan Shields

   Mark Christian is a 19 year-old American Wiki Channel actor. He is best known for his role as Adrian Montgomery on NOT Another Happily Ever After. He is the older brother of Martin Christian, co-star of NAHEA and star of Pete Around the Bush, and younger brother of Marshall Christian.


A Slap in the Face (2009-2013)Edit

Mark became interested in acting when his older brother, Marshall Christian, convinced him to audition for a play with him in 2007. In 2009, when he was 12, he started auditioning for community theater shows and commercials and stuff like that, but never got in. This continued throughout 2010 and 2011. In 2012, his younger brother Martin started auditioning and got cast on the Wiki Channel Original Series Pete Around the Bush in 2013, much to Mark's dismay and anger. Mark decided to quit acting, not believing he would ever succeed. However, in 2013, Martin's new movie NOT Another Happily Ever After was searching for an actor to play Adrian Montgomery and Martin convinced Mark to audition. Mark eventually relented and got the role. He has a couple of musical numbers throughout the movie, though he has confirmed that he is not pursuing a career in music.

Some Romance and Future Plans (2013-2016)Edit

While filming NAHEA, Mark met Ashley Kettle, another Wiki Channel actress, and the two started dating. They were cast together as Mark Anderson and Rachel Morgan, characters from the WCOM Only 104 Days of Summerbut the movie was put on hiatus, and the two broke up mutually in August. Recently, rumors have been spread that they are back together, which were confirmed by Kettle during the special anniversary edition of the Wiki Channel Weebley in January, 2015. He was cast as Dawson Kholer in the WCOM Everlasting, set for release in 2015, and later as Shane Flores in Welcome To New York. During filming for Welcome To New York, he also appeared as Travis on Leslie Wireless, and will play Ethan Shields in Long Way to Seattle, scheduled to premiere in early 2016.

Mark decided to take a break from acting in 2016 in order to focus on his personal life. He will be attending college to become a doctor and spending more time with his brothers and girlfriend.


Show Role Notes
NOT Another Happily Ever After (2014) Adrian Montgomery Supporting role
Only 104 Days of Summer (N/A) Mark Anderson Cancelled
Leslie Wireless (2015) Travis Recurring role
Everlasting (2015) Dawson Kholer Supporting role
Welcome To New York (2015) Shane Flores Lead role
Long Way to Seattle (2016) Ethan Shields Lead role

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