This page is to list all the recurring cast members from the hit Wiki Channel Original Series, "Life with Twins".

Recurring CastEdit

Lilly Marsh as Sadie - Sadie is a girl that is friends with Ray who starts dating him. She moves away in season 2.

Reggie Jackson as Jared Meyer -  Jared is a popular guy and the captain of the basketball team, who is cool with Brody and thinks he's got game. He's a grade ahead of Brody, but still gets along great with him and shows him the perks of being on the team. During a later episode, Jared and Ray clash a bit when Jared tries to start getting Brody to sit with him at lunch and not inviting Ray. Jared is a nice, funny, charming guy, who can get any girl he wants, but isn't a jerk at all, though he can be a bit egotiscal at times, he's an all around nice guy and the teachers love him too though some of them he finds a bit weird.

Oliver West as Kegan - Kegan is an old friend who use to be friends with Brody and Ray in elementary school, but when his family moves back to seattle they all start hanging out again. Kegan also starts dating Taylor. He's also good looking, athletic and can be kind of slow at times. Sort of like Paisley or Dez, but not to ditzy, but he has great hair and a nice smile to make up for it.

Allyson Felds as Lilly - Is a bad kid who only appears in one episode, but yeah they appear to be nice infront of the principle, but end up having a problem with following rules.

Karli James as Lisa - Lisa is cute and sassy and is a all around fun girl, similar to piper from a&a, she doesn't have to be blonde, but that's her personality at first.

Iyana Martin as Ciara - Ciara is Naomi's best friend and college roommate. She is introduced in the season two finale. Even though she hasn't been seen on the series until season 2, her and Naomi are BFFs and have been for a long time. Iyana is fearless, confident, and very witty. She changes her hair a lot and is known to have the connection with all the coolest parties and invites. Though she isn't the boy crazy, she does love the topic.

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