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Justin Skyes
Biographical information
Full Name
Justin Michael Skyes
June 06, 1995
Salem, Oregon
Professional Information
Years Active
Wiki Channel Credentials
Aaron Sendy

   Justin Michael Skyes  (born June 6, 1995) is an American actor best known for his famous child acting

Early LifeEdit

Justin Skyes was born in Salem, Oregon on June 6, 1995. He began acting at the age of 3 years old, first starting out in baby commercials. When he was only 5 years old, he moved out to Los Angeles, California where he got his big break as Kotty in the blockbuster family movie My Little Tyke.


2000-2009: Young acting; My Little TykeEdit

When Skyes was ionly 5 years old, he landed a major role as Kotty in the family movie My Little Tyke. The movie was a big hit and Skyes got to tour all around the world promoting it. In 2002, Skyes then went on to shoot My Little Tyke 2, which featured a brand new cast except for him. That movie however was not at all successful and was a major disappointment to fans of the first film.

After the box office bomb of My Little Tyke 2, Skyes went on to play roles in various films such as No Mercy for Tom, Speeder Boy, Hephilant, Ten Seconds to Spare, and Escape Men. Skyes's landed many roles in Hollywood but his name never really stuck with anyone, he was also cast off as a familiar face on the screen.

2010-2014: Inception, Alex & Ace: Deadly StoriesEdit

In 2010, Skyes landed a supporting role yet in the hit film Inception. The popularity of the movie brought Skyes a huge amount of fame and he really was being noticed. After the movie, Skyes went on to produce a new horror show, Alex & Ace: Deadly Stories, with his close girlfriend, Ashton Fawn. Skyes and Fawn produced the show together, Skyes taking a break from acting to focus on it. The show aired on Nickelodeon and was a pretty big success. However, after Skyes and Fawn had a nasty break up in 2013, the show only lasted one more season (season 3) before being cancelled in 2014.

2014-present: TV acting, Becoming a SendyEdit

In 2014, Skyes heard about the upcoming Wiki Channel drama pilot, Becoming a Sendy. Skyes never really had any plans on going into TV acting, but after Inception, he felt like he needed a change. Skyes auditioned for a role and got it! Skyes accepted the role and will begin filming the pilot in late 2014.

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