Season 3

Joseph Brandon as James Birchwood - In season 3, James is casted in the new action motion picture, Galatic Star Fighters opposite famous movie star Harvey Jayce. His character is a human boy named Allen, who tries to help Star Alexander save the world from the star storm apocalypse. During the first part of the season, James moves to with New York City with his mother in order to film the movie. There he learns new things about publicity fame, and new actors. He follows behind Harvey as Harvey paves a way for him to know what to and not to do with his new bound fame. He befriends Kevin an intern to the director. The two of them become friends and venture New York City. James is still humble, funny, sometimes a little oblivious to the obvious, and may get in to trouble, but his heart is always in the right place. In the second part of the season he moves back to Hollywood with the movie premiere quickly approaching, but notices his life is quickly changing, but wonders if his old friends will still support his new life.

1James season 3 collage

Ray Moore  as Harvey Jayce - Harvey plays the main character Star Fighter. He is a funny, outgoing and one of the coolest adults on the planet. He auditions James in the season 2 finale. He likes James and thinks he has talent and potentional and thinks very highly of him, He often thinks James is funny and plays dumb when really James is serious. He takes James under his wing and shows him the ropes of the big time acting business. In the first half of season 3 you see him going to press interviews with James and even helps him get his driver's license. He is like a father figure to James while his real dad is back in New York City.
1Harvey season 3 collage

Lucy Summer as Maelynn Rivers - Maelynn is a very well known New York City actress who appears in dramas, crime shows, and has done several movies. She is a rich New York City socialite and can be very stuck up a times during the beginning of the season, but becomes a lot nicer as the season goes down, and it is revealed that her parents are her managers and are often to busy for her, which makes her the way she is. Maelynn has a part in the movie with James, and often pretends to get along with him for interviews and press purposes when in the reality she can't stand him.

1Maelynn season 3 collage

Ryder Ramone as Kevin - Kevin a film intern that does a lot of the lightning and assists the actors on the film. He is a bit quirky and all over the place. He is really smart but a little scattered and ditsy at times. He's one year older than James and becomes a new best friend for him seeing as he is away from Thomas. He meets James in the first episode of season 3 and the two hit it off right away. He gets James to act in some of his film projects and he often helps James get on and off set after hours when the two try to get into the studio. Kevin has a good heart and is a good person deep down, no matter how crazy he and reckless he may seem.

1Kevin season 3 collage

Jessica Birchwood - James' mom. She's a retired music teacher and is intent that James becomes a music star, despite James' protests. During season 3 she moves to New York City to watch over James while her husband (James' dad stays in Hollywood to work and take care of his Marianne). She tries to tour New York City and gets involved with local activities and projects while James is busy filming the movie.

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