Season 1-2

Joseph Brandon as James Birchwood - The main character. He's always dreamt of being a famous actor and moves to California with his supportive family in order to pursue this dream. James is confident, courageous, outgoing, goofy and caring all at the same time. He likes to help people and will often put others before himself.

James Collage

Lilly Marsh  as Marianne Birchwood - James' older sister. She is an ordinary female teenager and is known for being sarcastic. James commonly goes to her for advice.
Kelli Berglund 31912

Marianne as seen in the pilot.

Drew Clarkson as Thomas Walters - James' best friend. He's not all that bright, but when he's needed most he can easily switch to brainiac mode. He often gets James in crazy situations and is often knwon to lighten the mood.

Thomas as seen in the pilot.

Alexis Thomson as Rebecca Martin - The Birchwoods' next-door neighbor. She's smart, sassy and a close friend of James and Thomas. She gets good grades in school and is very driven. Her and Marianne however, have somewhat of a rivalry.

G Hannelius 2

Rebecca as seen in the pilot.

Jessica Birchwood - James' mom. She's a retired music teacher and is intent that James becomes a music star, despite James' protests. Mark Birchwood - James' dad. He is a computer technician but is low on work, so he works at a gas station. He doesn't completely accept James' fame, but tries his best to be supportive.

Jill Benjamin vQg35rjEWsum

Jessica & Mark Birchwood.

Kevin Douglas  as Carter (Season 2) - A new friend of Marianne's introduced in Season 2.

Carter in Season 2.

He has a crush on Marianne, but she does not feel the same way.

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