Season 1b
Liberty Dillon as Jenn Matthews - Jenn is now seventeen years old, and is a curious as ever. She now knows the secret of her grandfather, but she now wants to know the secret of the clock. She is still the same rebellious teenage girl, but now she's more secretive than ever. When Connor was ripped away from. Her, she thought her parents would give her some time to grieve, but according to her, their selfish ways forced her to get married. Jenn, throughout the season, tries to trace the clock back to the origin, as well as contact Connor, and she also has to deal with the fact that she is going to have to get married.

Daniel Reed as Connor - Connor is now 18 years old and on his run from his home in San Diego. He needs to make it back to find Jenn again, but the only thing standing in the way is the distance. He puts himself into dangerous situations as he breaks a few laws and risks his life to find his was across the state. He is still the same daring kid, but now he is trying to unlock the secrets of his own past, to find out who his parents were and why he never knew them.

Xavier Jones as Ricky Matthews - Jenn's new partner in crime, Ricky is now a 15 year old boy, with the same attitude. He is mature, and often tells Jenn what to do, but she doesn't listen to him anyway. He dresses a little more on the casual side this season, and he also wants to unlock the secrets of the grandfather clock, and why his necklace has a strange pull to it also. He seems to also be struggling with a inward battle, but no one is exactly sure what it is.

Nathan Houseworth as Dallas Matthews - Dallas thinks he has his heart and his family figured out, but he's not even close. His girlfriend of now 3 months, Cleo, leaves for a college across the country, and his brother and sister seem to be keeping more secrets from him than they did before. However, he finds his own problem to worry about when he diss covers a whole new side to the tough street fighter, Rocky. He doesn't care for his family as much as he used to, because he thinks their mature enough to care for themselves.

Recurring Characters

  • Celeste Banks as Rocky - Rocky is a well known face from the northern side of town. She's a tough shell to crack, or at least she pretends to be that way, because deep down she's just a lonely girl who is trying to make a living for herself. When Dallas' catches her in a vulnerable state on the northern side of town, he finds it in his heart to help her, and of course, being the stubborn shell she is, she won't accept it at first. But slowly but surely, she warms up to him (and is also really annoyed by his constant need to help her) so she let's him, but of course, she always has another trick up her sleeve.

  • Skylar Parker as Matthew Jacob Edison Richards - Matthew Richards is Jenn's fiancé. He is stuck up, loves himself, and believes that you're riches make you who you are. He is very into Jenn when he first meets her, saying that "their kind is meant to be together". Jenn hates him, and does everything in her power to drive him away, but has no luck. But as she gets to know him, will she learn that there is more that meets the eye?

  • Chip Esten as Alan Matthews - Alan is the father of the 3 kids, and is still pretty rude, however, he has loosened up a little bit. He seems to be very suspicious of Jenn and what she is doing, but is otherwise okay with it. But when his business starts going down, he requires the service of Greyson Richards to help him out, but Greyson is a fan of doing things the old way, so his eldest son must be married to Alan's eldest daughter, or else there's no deal.

  • Connie Britton as Sandra Matthews - Sandra is still the sweet but most mother from the last season. She no longer works as her husband's secretary, but she still works for the company. She doesn't agree with the marriage between Jenn and Matthew, but she complies when she hears it's what's best for the company.

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