Lisha Jane Official Heaven Album Cover
Official album artwork for the album.
Album by Lisha Jane
Released: November 7th, 2015 (Saturday)
Genre(s): R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Dance/Club
Length: 45:42
Singles: Move with the Crowd
Talk To Me
Love Without Tragedy
It's My Party
Lisha Jane chronology
Heaven is the debut studio album of Wiki Channel star, Lisha Jane to be released by Wiki Records. Jane began working on the album in early 2014, which she announced on her chatter account. She dedicated the name of the album after her hit single, "Heaven" that got over 500 thousand downloads within the first 15 minutes of it's released. The song in which was written for Jane's late grandfather who had passed. The album features R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop vibes, with strong club dancing and electronica influences. The album was officially released Saturday, November 7th.

Background and InfluencesEdit

In November of 2013 Lisha Jane signed a joined deal with both Wiki Records and Wiki Channel music group. Due to her starring in "Kitty Couture" (one of the first Wiki Channel original series) and "ZAYN" she sung music for both, but in 2014 she began recording music for her own album. Jane has worked with Chris Brown, J. Cole, Stevie J, and other studio officials getting her sound just right. She began production on her album that same year. 

Lisha Jane Album Prep 4

Jane in the studio recording.

In 2014 Lisha released her first official single with Wiki Records, "Move with the Crowd." This was around the same time when Jane's series got a season 2 renewal and extension, she put her work on hold. Stating, "I don't want it [her music] to be rushed... I know   lot of artist change their whole persona and image simply for money and I've had the amazing honor of working with some AMAZING studio workers and making sure my music represents me and is something I can truly be proud of." Jane officially started back on her album in August of 2014.

Lisha Jane Album Prep 2

Lisha teaching kids dancing at local Boys & Girls club.

Jane started back on work and touring for her first few singles from the album in local stages and small, but crowded venues. In December of 2014, Lisha Jane's grandfather passed and she recorded a special song in honor of him titled "Heaven" which she released on Christmas day. 

Lisha loves to give back to local boys and girls clubs around the country and got some of the kids to dance in her music video for move with crowd.

Jane also recorded songs featuring Dane Wilkins and Wiki Records duo, 'Lilly & Abby.' "I think that was one of my favorite parts of the album was getting to work with them [Wilkins and Lilly & Abby] simply because, we all work on the same network and label for the most part; so I know of them and we're all good friends, but we don't really get time to work together and hang out really, it's mostly just catching up for 4 or 5 minutes at award shows or in passings... I really am happy they worked with me on my first album."

Jane says she is influenced by artist and performers like Beyonce, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Melanie Fiona. She also says it was an honor working with Chris Brown and J.Cole. She loves Drake and Nicki Minaj as well.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Audio Length
1. "It's My Party"   Lisha Jane, NYCgleek, Shugg Howard, Toby Gad, Timbaland Wiki Records, NYCgleek
01 It 39 s My Party
2. "This Time (feat. Dane Wilkins)"   Timbaland, Toby Gad Wiki Records, Timbaland
02 This Time feat
3. "Move with the Crowd"   NYCgleek, Lisha Jane, Percy Miller Wiki Records
03 Move with the Crowd
4. "Talk To Me"   Lisha Jane, Shugg Howard Wiki Records
04 Talk to Me
5. "Hey Now"   Brian Kennedy, Victoria Horn-Lady V, Livvi Frank, P.R. Miller, Lisha Jane, Brian Kennedy Wiki Records
05 Hey Now
6. "Unhuman"   Lisha Jane, NYCgleek Wiki Records, Lisha Jane
06 Unhuman
7. "Stay (feat. Lilly & Abby)"   Mikky Ekko, Justin Parker, Elof Loelv Wiki Records, NYCgleek, Lilly & Abby
07 Stay feat
8. "Half of Me"   Lisha Jane, Emeli Sandé, Shahid Khan, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen Wiki Records, Timbaland
08 Half of Me
9. "Love Without Tragedy"   Terius Nash, Lisha Jane, Carlos "Los" McKinney Wiki Records, NYCgleek
Not Somebody Else (Audio)
10. "Heaven"   Jordan Asher, Lisha Jane Wiki Records
10 Heaven


  • It took Jane almost a year to record her album, due to her working on a hit series, filming a WCOM, and performing singles on small tours around the country.
  • This is Jane's first solo album and her first album with Wiki Records as a solo artist.

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