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Good News


Kristin Madison, Cayce Hollins, Mercy Jones


Wiki Records
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Good News is a Christian band signed to Wiki Records. It consists of previous Wiki Records recording artist Kristin Madison, Cayce Hollins, and Mercy Jones.


Good News was formed by Kristin Madison, Cayce Hollins, and Mercy Jones in August of 2016. Madison, Hollins, and Jones had been family friends most of their lives, and all three had been interested in pursuing a career in Christian music. Madison was signed to Wiki Records in September of 2015, but after releasing her second single (Hallelujah) in January of 2016, she began to experiment with new styles to attract a wider audience, and released Overcomer later that year in June. Following Overcomer's relative failure, Madison met with Hollins and Jones, and they agreed to attempt performing a gig together at a local festival, combining each of their unique voices and instrumental talents to try the different styles Madison wanted to explore. After this gig was a success, Madison met with her manager, Nutter Butter, and they agreed to try to get the group, going by the name Good News, signed to Wiki Records in her place. However, before even releasing any singles with the company, they decided to leave and sign with another, more Christian-centric recording company, as they felt that Wiki Records only signed them to be "token Christians" and that the Wiki Records audience was not interested enough in listening to their music and thus they were not making a difference while signed with the group.

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