Season 2

Amy Kettle as Kimberly Mae - Kimberly is still continuing her fierce rivalry with Emma, even half a year after they met. Her suspicions become even stronger when Emma starts disappearing over the weekend, and she starts her plot to find out once and for all what's wrong with Emma Fulley.


Sam Byran as Benjamin "Brock" Highland - Although being friends with Johnny has helped Benjamin embrace himself, he still goes by Brock, and is still part of the same group. He finds himself in a crisis, however, when Snappy starts threatening to take over.


Marissa Lunar as Maria Dominique Elaine Bellaire - Emma's friend from France. Maria is quickly becoming more popular in the school, leaving her little time for her friends or adapting to America.


Saylor Lee as Amber - Although Amber is still loyal to Kimberly, she has begun exploring activities outside of cheerleading, including the news team.


Harmony Charme as Mandy Patinski - Emma's old rival from America Wants Talent, Mandy's family has gone broke and she ends up being transferred to the same school as Emma. Despite their old rivalry, Mandy finds herself relying on Emma for more than she's willing to admit.


Jennifer Kyles as Beverly Mills - One of the cheerleaders. Beverly is overly excitable and rarely knows when to keep her mouth shut, which often annoys Kimberly. Despite this, she is completely loyal to Kimberly, which is why she's kept around.


Dennis Krist as Lincoln - An inspector of time (or, as he calls it, "time travel cop"), it's Lincoln's job to make sure everyone obeys the laws of time travel, lest another rip in time absorb them, like Neal's family. He's in his mid-30s, but like Neal, his appearance has been messed up by prolonged time travel.


Keith Hernandez as Orville - A member of the news team with Sherman, Orville is a total dork, and he's proud of it. However, he's excellent with computers, and often comes in handy when something goes wrong.


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