Season 2

Laura Minx as Emma Fulley - The fifteen year-old daughter of a poor blacksmith from the 1700s. She's been in 2015 for half a year now and knows everything (well, almost everything), and is ready to take on a new adventure in time traveling.


Emma's promotional art for Season 2.

Noah Carson as Johnny Freeman - Back in the 1700s, Johnny was Emma's dad's apprentice. Now that they're in the 21st century, he's adapting to high school and becoming quite the ladies' man (at least, that's what he says).


Johnny's promotional art for Season 2.

Amera Columbia as Alex Elliot - Now fifteen, Alex has mellowed a bit, and spends most of her time in the library or the park. She still believes in women's rights, and won't hesitate to stand up to someone who she believes is being unfair, but is much more of a tomboy.


Alex's promotional art for Season 2.

Max Nickel as Sherman Mann - Still Johnny's best friend, Sherman is embracing his geek side and is now part of the news team. He also finds himself struggling with developing feelings for Emma and a rivalry between his news team and her cheerleading squad.


Sherman's promotional art for Season 2.

Allison Felds as Nina Continuum - The niece of Neal, Nina was lost in a rip in time alongside her dad and grandparents when Neal broke a law of time travel. She finds herself experiencing the Groundhog Effect in the 1700s until Johnny rescues her.


Nina's promotional art for Season 2.

Neal Continuum - After half a year of living in the 21st century, Neal returns to time traveling (and hunting for his family), but now with the help of Emma and Johnny. While they adventure together, more and more of his secretive life is revealed.


Neal's promotional art for Season 2.

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