Season 1

Sam Byran as Benjamin "Brock" Highland - Brock Highland is the cool kid at Johnny's 21st century high school. He pretends to be older than everyone else in the school in order to look cool, but is actually a year younger and got to skip a grade. Feeling overwhelmed, he requests Johnny's help in mastering his new life while trying to keep his "friends" from finding out. His real name is Benjamin, but he goes by Brock.


Amy Kettle as Kimberly - Kimberly is a cheerleader. When Emma starts to become popular, she starts to become jealous, and is immediately suspicious when she meets Emma's "dad" Neal. Now she's on a mission- uncover the truth behind Emma Fulley, and reveal it to the entire school so she'll be the most popular.


Marissa Lunar as Maria Dominique Elaine Bellaire - Maria is a French exchange student at Emma's school. Although she knows English (somewhat), she doesn't know American customs, and her mom asks Emma to teach her about some of them, which doesn't go overly well. Although she ends up getting lessons from Alex, she and Emma still form a strong friendship.


Dane Wilkins as Karl "Snappy" McSnapston - Although Karl looks like a nice guy, he's part of Brock's group and is secretly the the real "mean" behind the group, having been manipulating Brock. Like Kimberly with Emma, Karl is intent on finding out the truth behind Johnny, and why he's been spending so much time with Brock.


Saylor Lee as Amber - Kimberly's loyal sidekick. Amber will do anything to stay popular, even if it means doing all of Kimberly's dirty work. She's actually a genius, but has to hide it to avoid outdoing Kimberly.


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