Season 1

Laura Minx as Emma Fulley - The fourteen year-old daughter of a poor blacksmith. Emma grew up in a world where women get married and cook and have no chance of following their dreams, and isn't used to women's rights. She always knows when she needs help and who to ask for it.


Emma's promotional art for Season 1.

Noah Carson as Johnathan "Johnny" Freeman - Johnny is the 16 year-old apprentice to Emma's dad, a blacksmith. An ordinary 16 year-old from the 1700s. He's strong and mature and always ready to help, but doesn't always admit when he needs help himself.


Johnny's promotional art for Season 1.

Amera Columbia as Alexis "Alex" Elliot - Alex is Emma's first friend. She's a women's rights activist, and almost immediately forms a strong dislike for Johnny (who has a massive crush on her). Despite their differences, she forms a bond with Emma almost immediately after they meet.


Alex's promotional art for Season 1.

Max Nickel as Sherman Mann - Sherman is Johnny's best friend. He's a super-nerd and as such doesn't fit in very well either, since he has very little social interaction. He tries to act cool, but usually fails, and likes to pretend he's the coolest kid on the block.


Sherman's promotional art for Season 1.

Neal Continuum - Neal is a time traveller from the 21st century. Although he looks much older, he says he's 33, claiming that time travel ages you. He's convinced by Emma and Johnny to stay behind in the 21st century, even though he's used to traveling through time constantly. Which means its about as hard for him to fit in with other parents as it is for the kids to fit in at their new school.


Neal's promotional art for Season 1.

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