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Emily Brown
Emily Brown
Biographical information
Full Name
Emily Shea Brown
November 29,1998
Atlanta. GA
Professional Information
Years Active
Fan Group Name
Wiki Channel Credentials
Dionna Lavender
Andi Little

   Emily Shea Brown (born November 29,1998) is an American actress who is best known for her role as Lauren in Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie. She recently landed the role of Dionna Lavander on Super Cool Cori .


Early Life

Emily was born in Atlanta, Georgia on November 29, 1998. She lived in Georgia for seven years before having to move with her dad out to L.A. because of the divorce between her parents. She joined a theater group at age 8 and since has been into acting. Her mom is from England while her dad is African-American.


Emily started out small when she got a role in a Cheerios commerical. She then made a few small appearances including one in the tv show, Monk as a very confused little girl. In 2008,she was in the movie, Telling You Something which was a straight to DVD film. Also,she casted as one of the kids in Barney & Friends. She was a regular cast member for two years intill she resided from the show because she felt like she was too old to be on it. In 2010, she played Judy's (Lilly Marsh) best friend intill the series ended in 2011.

In 2012, she landed of Lauren, Gabe's girlfriend on the Disney Channel hit series, Good Luck Charlie for several episodes intill the show ended in late 2013. She is currently just attending a performing arts school in L.A.  She recently got a major recurring role in the new Wiki Channel series, Super Cool Cori set to debut this summer.

Personal LifeEdit

Emily is very sweet and hyper. She has a little sister who lives with her mom in Georgia who she visits at least twice a year. She currently attends the same performing arts school as actress Dani Wilkins and is very good friends with her despite the age difference between them.


Year Show/Movie Role
2007 Watchhouse Jayda
Monk Confused Little Girl
2008 Telling You Something Sally H.
2008-2010 Barney & Friends Kira
2010-2011 Living Life Cierra Roster;Judy's best friend
2012-2013 Good Luck Charlie Lauren
2014-2016 Super Cool Cori Dionna Lavender
2016 My Martian Wedding Andi Little


  • She is good friends with James in Hollywood actress, Lilly Marsh due to the fact they have worked with each other before.
  • Her favorite colors is sky blue and neon pink. 

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