Season One

  • Stephen Johnson as Brian S. Fosterman:
    Brian- DA
    He was the typical broadway child star intill he was replaced because he was getting too old for the role. He is sweet but loves attention and gets caught up in himself at times. Brian has to learn how to bring his high lifestyle down in order to fit in a regular NYC high school. He is also a little obessesed in Broadway/Theatre gossip to make sure his image is still good.

  • Jesse Raynes as Michael "Mike" Dilard:
    A typical teenage boy. He is street smart than school smart though. He is also a little obivious when it comes to certain things. He also had a crush on his longtime bestfriend, Jessica which he has been holding in on since he met her. Also, which Brian catches on to fairly quick. He helps Brian with the ways of acting like a teenage guy and is the main one who is takes him under his wing. Only Jessica and sometimes Brian call him Michael while everyone else calls him Mike.

  • Nicole Martin as Jessica "Jess" Linderson:
    A nerdy, sort of tomboyish sort of girl with a girly side that sometimes comes out. She has some typical teenage girl problems but mostly tends to stay away from drama. She is usually hanging out with her longtime best friend Michael who she met when she was the new kid in 2nd grade. Other than of course her family and Michael (and later Brian), nobody knows her actual name and just call her Jess. And she prefers it that way.

Main Recurring
  • Jasmine Byran as Melissa Dilard:
    The older sister of Michael in the series.She is very girly and is loves being in the latest fashion. Michael & Mike have a love-hate relationship, but more love than hate. She mostly teasing him a bit about him and Jessica's close relationship. She also has a very tight bond with Jess due to her motherly nature. She always there to give her advice & is basically her big sister as well. She is a junior while her brother is a freshman.

  • Mirabelle Styx as Julia Stateman:
    Took over the school's pop squad (popular squad) as a freshman when her sister graduated, she is the mean girl of the school. She also basically Jess's worst arch-enemy in the series. Juilana has a small crush on Michael and wants to know Brian for his fame. She envys Jess because she sees that Michael has feelings for her & the fact that she gets to hang with Brian irriates her. She does everything in her power to take her down. But deep down she also worried about not being taken seriously by the rest of the squad because she's just a freshman.

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