Season 1

Cecelia Kristine as Destiny Lyn - Destiny is a girly sophmore who struggles with life as an alien superhero and a popular girl. She loves to party, and play around, so she doesn't take training very seriously. She loves her friends and family. She is head cheerleader of her school, and is kind of annoyed by the fact that Shelby never wants to do any girly things with her, like shopping, or talking about boys. She has a talent for singing, and she loves to do it. She believes in everything, so she gets slightly made fun of for being a 16-year-old who still believes in Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy, although she gets upset her teeth don't fall off anymore. She also believes everyone is different, and they all have a special talent. Destiny knows that Shelby, her best friend, has a special talent, and she thinks it might be trying to pry secrets out of people, because she does that to Destiny all the time. She hates the word "average", and she hates it when people say "aliens aren't real", because she is an alien.
Destiny Lyn S1

Eleanor Nesbitt as Shelby McPheerson - A tomboyish girl who sees something suspicious in Destiny and in the way she acts when people question alien life. She's tried to get Destiny to tell her everything, but she can't. Unlike Destiny, Shelby takes life very seriously, and doesn't party around. When Destiny tried to convince Shelby to try out for the cheer leading team with her so they could be "cheer twins", Shelby said she'd rather be on the field playing than screaming out for the team to win, when she could just help them win. She thinks that the whole Lyn family is weird. She thinks Destiny is kind of crazy, because she believes in everything. Although Shelby has a girly side too, she almost never shows it. Destiny keeps trying to convince her too, though, but she says it'll be better if she doesn't, because their friendship has a lot to do with them being different. She is very obsessive and would "make a great detective", Destiny says.
Shelby McPheerson S1

Gabriel Roth as Dilan Lyn - Destiny's annoying, nosy younger brother who's massive crush on Shelby could lead Destiny's secret to being revealed. He's easily tricked and fooled, and he would tell Shelby anything. He is not an alien like his sister, because his family had moved to Earth before he was born, so he was born on Earth. Which is why any time Destiny annoys Dilan, he threatens to tell her secret, because it wouldn't affect him at all. He has a special relationship with his younger sister Dawn, and they both seem to hate the fact that their mom pays most of her attention to Destiny. He likes to make fun of Dawn and Destiny's names, although he doesn't realize that his parents made a mistake when they were writing his name when he was born, and wrote it with an "i" instead of a "y". His sisters think it's better if he just doesn't know that. Dilan is very energetic, he's dimwitted, but he's a happy, cheerful, and a sweet-natured kid.
Dilan Lyn S1

John Brenton as Jonah Parker -Another one of Destiny's friends. He is sporty and athletic, but sometimes he just likes to chill out and play video games. He doesn't notice anything weird in Destiny, unlike Shelby, and it is thought he may even have a crush on her. He thinks Destiny is just being herself, and he says that defending her whenever Shelby says Destiny is weird. Shelby just answers with a simple "you just like her, that's all".
Jonah Parker S1

Tyler Campbell as Joseph Dawson - Shelby's boyfriend. He is also an alien, like Destiny, but Shelby doesn't know or suspect anything. He likes to hang out with the rest of the crew. He is Jonah's best friend. He doesn't really take life seriously, but he is determined to finish high school and graduate college. But after that, he says he doesn't really think much about the future. He cares very much for his girlfriend Shelby, and he'll do whatever she wants. He seems to like Destiny, and thinks she's very sweet, but he has to agree with Shelby about the Lyns being weird thing. He literally has to, or Shelby will go all violent on him. He gives Shelby and Destiny some space, because he lives with all girls and understands that girls need space for some "girl drama". Shelby and Destiny are offended by that, but not much, because they don't really care. Joseph is really caring, and sweet. He is also very smart, and is kind of nerdy.
Joseph Dawson S1

Laura Bailey as Dawn Lyn - Dawn is the 13-year-old sister of Destiny and Dilan, and is the youngest of the Lyn family. She is a total tomboy, and she almost has no girly side. She is very athletic, and is always "in it to win it". She loves to play basketball, and even though she's a little young, she has driven her middle school towards three championships, ever since fifth grade. Now in seventh grade, Dawn has trouble making friends. It's mostly because she is very tough, is a total tomboy, can get aggressive at times, er, always, and she loves to eat. She shares a special relationship with her older brother Dilan, and he's the only thing Dawn really cares about (she literally calls him a thing), even if she doesn't show it. Dilan and Dawn bond over a lot of things, even if they are both extremely different. Dawn thinks Destiny is annoying, and she is often misbehaving at home. She doesn't go out much, because she's usually grounded.
Dawn Lyn S1

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