Derek Bronson (June 9, 1999) is a male American actor. He has some Spanish and Middle Eastern roots.

Derek Bronson
Biographical information
Full Name
Derek Bradley Bronson
June 6, 1999

Professional Information
Years Active
Wiki Channel Credentials
Wallace "Muscles" Brown


Derek has appeared in brief scenes in shows and movies such as The GalaHudson, and To Be Stunned. None of these roles have been major, though. Derek has recently been announced to have gotten the role of Wallace "Muscles" Brown in Wiki Channel's Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century.

In The Gala, Bronson played Eric, the son of a rich CEO that the protagonist had to meet briefly.

In Hudson, he portrayed Demetrius, a wind spirit that would guide them on their journey for one episode, "Winded".

In To Be Stunned, Bronson was Fend, one of the elf bodyguards of Chackha, the big boss of the episode.

In Emma & Johnny in the 21st Centuryhe played Wallace "Muscles" Brown, where he portrayed a kid part of one of the characters' crew.

In RockDaly, he is playing Ashton Reeve, one of the main characters. He is a social outcast that is starting a band with his friends that he met over the internet after realizing that they went to the same school as him.

Title Role Notes Year
The Gala Eric Minor Role; TV Movie 2014
Hudson Demetrius Guest 2014
To Be Stunned Fend Guest 2015
Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century Wallace "Muscles" Brown Recuring 2015
RockDaly Ashton Reeve Main Character 2016-present

Personal LifeEdit

Although he has not had any interviews of his own yet, he has been spotted with some Wiki Channel stars. He is not extremely active on social media, as he only has a Facebook page (last updated in 2011).

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