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Dani Wilkins
Dani Insider
Biographical information
Full Name
Danielle "Dani" Jean Wilkins
Jean (by her family)
September 17, 2002
Oakland, California
African- American
Professional Information
Actress, Dancer
Years Active
Wiki Channel Credentials
Abbey Academy (cancelled)


   Danielle "Dani" Jean Wilkins (born September 17, 2002) is an american actress and dancer. Even though her full name is Danielle, she prefers it to be Dani for her acting credits. She best known for What's Up With...?.


Early LifeEdit

Dani was born in Oakland, California to Billy and Julie Wilkins. She didn't stay there long though because her family moved out to L.A. when she was 2. She was enrolled in a performing arts school when she was 6.


When Dani was at the performing arts school, she choose dance as her speciality and has been with it ever since. Dani first made her acting debut in the school's production of high school musical. She then did several commericals such as Bratz and was featured in the commerical for the The Wiki Channel V.I.P Doll Collection. She was originally going to be a recurring character in Abbey Academy but the show was cancelled due to production issues. She has been more focus on her dancing than acting at the moment. But is hoping that she can have a mixture of both soon.

She got a main role in the new Wiki Channel short series, What's Up With...?, along side, Josh Andrews Jr. & Olivia Staton. The show became a huge success for the channel which got it a second season. Since then she has guest starred on the WCOS, In Due Time, with her brother, Dane.

Personal LifeEdit

Dani is very entegetic and talktive. She loves to make new friends. Dani is known as the "the speaker" in her grade because she is always talking and is loud while doing it. She hasnt really thought about singing even though her parents both come from a singing background and she has been told multiple times that she was a great singer.


Year Show Role
2014- present What's Up With...? Herself
2015 In Due Time Kia Blake (guest star)

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