@davisuzziahforrealz - Manager/Author/Student/Comedian
@DJHOWEOFFICIAL is officially signed to the After Dark Network. I want to think @DatNuttyKid for signing him and don't worry you haven't seen the last of him here. Check out his chatter see his thoughts about the new contract. Wish him luck. #FUTUREENDEAVORS
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Darren Howe's manager and comic strip writer. Also former actor and wrestler.
@davisuzziahforrealz - Manager/Wrestler/Comic Writer/ Author/Musician/Retired Actor/Mathmatician/Writer/Student
Got to take an online test today on managing and what I've learned so far. #SmartHurts
March 30,2016

Why do girls love to do that pose? I think you need trainers? What are those!?
March 31,3016

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Because they be styling, limousine riding #NATUREBOY
March 31,2016

@davisuzziahforrealz - Manager/Student/Author/Comedian
I might get in trouble for this, just dropped a d bomb. I feel really bad. Yeah I'm an a really bad predicament sorry @wikichannel sorry @rabiddisneyradio

@davisuzziahforealz - Author/Comedian/Manager/Student
I'm using @nogitsxne phrase "let's get one thing straight I'm not" as my info for Wattpad #IMUNORIGINAL
April 2,2016

[[Chatter/{{{actor}}}|@davisuzziahforrealz]] - Actor/Author/Comedian/Student
This trash can smells like lots of dirty diapers lots of dirty diapers
April 18,2016

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