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Actor on After Dark Network; Unemployed. Known for Everybody Hates Chris
@DJHOWEOFFICIAL - So What If I'm Crazy The Best People Are
This is my second chatter so far #Whattheheck#unbelievable
March 30,2016

@dhowewikichannel - Love wrestling. Best rapper. New to wiki channel. Loves people. #peopleperson
im here
march 8 2016

@DJHOWEOFFICIAL - So what if I'm crazy the best people are
Thank you @davisuzziahforrealz for making my new signing happen I love you and all the DJ's out there this is not the end. I will be back. This is just a new chapter in my life. #DJ ARMY#FUTUREENDEAVORS
March 30, 2016

@DJHOWEOFFICIAL - So what if I'm crazy the best people are
Just watched empire #Fanboy#Empire#Fox
March 30,2016

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