Bryce Davis (born June 28, 1999) is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Lane King in Wiki Channel's The Aca-Girls and his upcoming role as Marcus Acosta in The Family Plan. 

Bryce Davis
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Bryce Davis
June 28, 1999
Detroit, Michigan
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Actor, Dance, Student
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Lane King
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Bryce Davis was born to Emmalee and Cole Davis on June 28, 1999 in Detroit, Michigan. Ever since he was little, he could not stop moving, so his parents put his energy to some use by encouraging him to dance. They at the time could not afford dance classes, but he just naturally picked it up. 



In 2008, Davis landed his first role of Henry, a nine year old genius, in the ABC Family show Arnold's World in the third season. The show ended that same year. In 2009, he received the role of Jake Harrison, the love interest of one of the daughters, Katie in the reality format style show MOMS. The show ended in 2010, and shortly after he got the role of Sticky, a street kid who becomes best friends with the kids of the rich couple, in the hit show Divine. The show ended in 2010, leaving fans of the show furious, in order to make room for a buddycot show George and MarcoGeorge and Marco aired five episodes, but was cancelled. The network tried to get everyone back in their roles for Divine, but to add Davis as a series regular, but Davis shot down the offer because the network took him for granted. He got the role of Freddie, in the hit movie Just Dance, about a group of dancers who want to make it but are all financially unstable. Bryce then was casted the minor role of Hunter, a fellow kid with cancer, but didn't make it in the show Miraculous, about a girl with cancer who should have died years ago.


In 2011, he was casted the role of Austin V, a guy who could never take a hint in the show Hey! when he was twelve. He turned thirteen and fourteen throughout the show, and fans enjoyed watching him grow up a bit. In 2013, he was casted the role of Lane King, the protagonist's little brother and assistant of their band, in Wiki Channel's hit musical comedy show The Aca-Girls. In that same year, he gained the role of Manny, the deuteragonist's best friend, in the movie Don't Look Down when he was fourteen. The Aca-Girls was cancelled in 2014, and Wiki Channel offered a new role of Aidan White, a troublemaker, in the upcoming show Abbey Academy, but it only filmed a pilot and was not picked up.


Bryce got the role of Marcus Acosta in the Wiki Channel pilot The Family plan. Not much is known about the role.



Show Role Notes Year(s)
Arnold's World Henry  Recurring 2008
MOMS Jake Harrison Recurring 2009-2010
Divine Sticky Recurring 2010
Miraculous Hunter  Minor 2010
Hey! Austin V Recurring 2011-2013
The Aca-Girls Lane King Series Regular 2013-2014
Abbey Academy Aidan White Recurring;Pilot 2014
The Family Plan Marcus Acosta Series Regular 2015


Movie Role Notes Year(s)
Just Dance Freddie Main 2010
Don't Look Down Manny Supporting 2013

Personal LifeEdit

Bryce enjoys hanging out with his little sister, mom, dad, and the rest of his family. He is also in a dance crew called Thunder, but he mostly dances solo on television. His only Chatter account is @BryceDavis. He is very good friends with Tamar Singh, Sam Genno, & Bailey Wes.


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