Blonde in White: LIVE
Blonde in White EP
Album by Blonde
Released: September 16, 2015
Genre(s): Pop-rock
Blonde chronology
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Next: Crazy Stupid Love
Blonde in White: LIVE is the extended play released for Blonde's big Blonde in White Tour for their debut album. The EP features live versions of five songs performed on the tour plus the Blonde version from a song featured in Tristan Conti's (Blonde member) Wiki Channel Original Movie Sunset Mermaid.

Track listingEdit

  1. Loud (Live in New York City)
  2. One Last Dance (Live in London)
  3. Ain't No Way We're Going Home (Live in Philadelphia)
  4. Forget About You (Live in Sydney)
  5. Counting Stars ft. Zander Sun & the Stars (Live)
  6. Pass Me By (Blonde version)


  • This is an EP for Blonde's major 2015 tour, the Blonde in White Tour.
  • On September 21, 2015, the band also released the single "Crazy Stupid Love" as a gift to fans to celebrate the end of the tour.

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