Ashlynn Conor
Biographical information
Full Name
Ashlynn Jade Conor
April 2, 2000
Los Angeles, California
Professional Information
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Fan Group Name
Wiki Channel Credentials
Ashlyn Ellsworth

    Ashlynn Jade Conor, known publicly as just Ashlynn Conor, is an American actress born on April 2, 2000 in Los Angeles California. She is currently a career with Wiki Channel.

Early Life Edit

Ashlynn was born in Los Angeles, California to Makala and Josh Conor. She has a sister, 17, and two brothers, 13 and 14. Ashlynn and her sister would go act in their local theater when they were younger, but after an embarrassment in their school play, Ashlynn's sister Leila gave up on acting. Ashlynn refused to follow in her sister's footsteps and give up on her dreams, so she decided to act professionally and attended a Disney audition, where her career took off.

Career Edit

2015-2016: The Disney start Edit

Ashlynn started out acting with Disney in a show called Gamer's Guide. She portrayed Kaila, a girly but tough girl who had a passion for video games and was the only girl in the gaming club. The show was later cancelled due to low ratings.

2016-present: Wiki Channel future Edit

Ashlynn later heard about a network called "The Wiki Channel", and she found a manager and began to work with there. On January 23, 2016, it was announced she had gotten the role of Ashlyn Ellsworth in the new Wiki Channel pilot, The Ellsworths.

Personal Life Edit

Ashlynn lives in Los Angeles, California. She loves video games and volleyball. She is an A-Student, and attends her local high school. She is on her school's volleyball team, and is captain. She plays using the number 42. Ashlynn also loves watching YouTube and reading graphic novels.

Filmography Edit

Year Show/Movie Role Notes
2015-2016 Gamer's Guide Kaila Lead role; cancelled
2016-present The Ellsworths Ashlyn Ellsworth Lead role; pilot

Trivia Edit

  • The school she attended was the Los Angeles Roosters.
  • She loves to play volleyball, as she mentioned this in a chit by saying "Volleyball is life".
  • She played volleyball all throughout middle school with the number 42.
  • She has described herself as a "tomgirl", meaning she is not a tomboy but is also not a girly girl.
  • Her birthstone is a diamond.
  • She loves to play Minecraft, and other video games during her free time.
  • One of her favorite Wiki Channel shows is In Due Time.

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