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Anthony Banner
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Biographical information
Full Name
Anthony Dave Banner
May 29, 1996
Professional Information
Actor, singer
Years Active
Wiki Channel Credentials
The Dark Side
Dylan Hale

   Anthony Banner is an American actor and singer who has recently began auditioning for Wiki Channel. He is the best friend of Wiki Channel actress and Life with Twins star, Abby Williams.

​Early lifeEdit

Anthony Banner was born on May 29th, 1996 in Franklin, Tennessee. His best friend, Abby Williams, started acting and convinced him to join her. By 2006, he was regularly auditioning and performing with her.



Tumblr mm52vhxMKN1rvc9d2o10 1280

Anthony with his childhood best friend, Abby.

​Anthony was 10 when he started his career along with his best friend, Abby, who was 8 at that point. He was in a show called Mysteries of Science as Aaron, the science kid in 2006. The series ended in 2008 and Anthony looked for other shows and movies to audition for. In 2009, he was in a movie called Crash, which was about 3 siblings who try to figure out the case of the 5 gems. The movie was viewed by millions worldwide. He released a single, ​Everytime, the same year, which sold over 1 million copies. In 2010, he was in a movie called Not Again about a boy who does crazy things and eventually gets in trouble with the mayor. It was sold on DVD and sold thousands of copies.

New label and plans for the Wiki ChannelEdit

In 2011, Anthony was cast in a new show called The Rockers, a show similar to The Aca-Girls, a show on the Wiki Channel. The Rockers ended in 2013 and Anthony signed with Wiki Records a year after. He was cast in Wiki Channel's pilot, The Dark Side, but it was cancelled. After taking a short break from Wiki Channel and leaving Wiki Records, he has recently returned to acting with them. He currently plays John Coleman on After Dark Network's original series, One Last Chance.

Wiki Channel ​FilmographyEdit

Show Role Notes
The Dark Side Dylan Hale Pilot; cancelled

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