Andrew and Jackson Epson (born July 11, 1997) are a pair of twins and American Actors. 


Early LifeEdit

Andrew and Jackson were born to Emma and Riley Epson on July 11, 1997, in Boise, Idaho. They were 3 and 4 to a large family of 7, who were not the richest family out there. Their whole entire family was into being healthy and fit, and they woud often go on family runs and workouts. When they were around 7 years old, they started modeling for small magazines, and a talent producer in LA wanted to work with them.They accepted, and along with their mom, they left everything behind in Idaho to fly out there. 


They started taking modeling seriously at around 13 years old, and they would constantly be on magazines and posterboards, and they were even the signature kids for squeezys, a discontinued apple juice brand. When they turned 15, they started getting into acting, and starred on 2 seasons of Teen Wolf as Ethan and Aiden, a pair of evil twin wolf brothers in disguise as normal teenagers. In 2015, they signed a contract with Wiki Channel, and are expected to star as Erving and Travis on the Wiki Channel show, NCFA Academy

Personal LifeEdit

Andrew and Jackson currently live in Los Angeles, California, with their mom. They still go back to Idaho on the occasion to visit their dad and other siblings. They enjoy keeping active and staying fit. 



Show Role Year
Teen Wolf Ethan and Aiden 2013-2015
NCFA Academy Erving and Travis 2015



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