Season 1
  • Peyton Borough as Troy Jeff -
    Troy Jeff is the a kid at Ackerman High School. He is advanced in every topic, from math and football, and is also musically inclined, and can play guitar quite well. When he "stumbles" across Ackerman secret underground agency, Coach Solomon. Though very good at it, he sometimes doesn't take the job to seriously, and that can get on his partner Myra's nerves. He can be a slacker when it comes to the job, but in the end he can get it done. He and Myra have a rough relationship but always pull through for each other in the end.


  • Rayelle as Myra Jade -
    Myra Jade is the prodigy of The Ackerman Agency. She is the first member of the agency and is also one of the best. She believes that, since she is the best, she does not need anyone to assist her on her missions. But when Troy comes around and she is forced to help him learn the ropes, she is not to happy about it. She eventually gets a little less tense with him though. She is smart and sneaky, and can usually do stuff without anyone noticing. She and Troy have a rough relationship, but help each other in the end.


  • Aiden Kristoff as Landon Pennex -
    Landon is Troy Jeff's best friend. He does not know about Troys secret spy identity, but starts to suspect something is up when he always can't hang out, is late to class, and is at school at 5 am. When needed though, Landon will always have Troy's back, no matter his suspicions. He is also athletically inclined, although he prefers basketball.


  • Archie Cana as Coach Solomon -
    Coach Solomon is the founder of Ackerman Agency, and is undercover as a gym coach. When Troy first enters the school, Solomon takes a liking to him, and wants him to join the agency, but Troy manages to find it on his own. He can be very tough and strict at times, and doesn't like Troy's sometime lazy attitude towards the job. He has known Myra from the beginning, and has been like a fatherly figure towards her.

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